Digital marketing is relatively recent in the history of marketing.

Many people were initially reluctant to advertise their businesses or products in this way, however, as time has gone by more and more people rely on the internet to advertise their products. Even small-town businesses (such as tradespeople for example) now advertise on the internet.This is mainly due to customer demand; customers like the ease in which they can (usually) find what they are looking for when they use the internet.

So if the local plumber realises this (and advertises on the internet); they may be the first person the customer contacts.

The internet has in many respects, replaced phone books. The customer may not want to look any further than what they find on the internet e.g. the plumber’s website, or phone number, or reviews about their services are all at the click of a button.

This type of quick and easy access is what most customers are looking for today, therefore Internet marketing is a good way to capture new business. It may not be the ONLY way, but it is definitely an important way.

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